Quettar was founded in 1980 by Susan Rule as the Bulletin of the Linguistic Fellowship of the Tolkien Society. Under the successive editorships of Susan Rule, Steve Pillinger, Michael Poxon, David Doughan and Julian Bradfield, it was published three or four times a year (nominally) until 1995, when the last published issue (number 49) appeared.

Quettar's aim was described thus on its back cover:

QUETTAR is Quenya, or `High-Elven'. It means `words', and is the bulletin of the Linguistic Fellowship of the Tolkien Society, whose members are referred to as Quendili, which means `lovers of language' or `lovers of Quenya', (though there are some Sindarindili among us). Those who describe themselves as philologists tend to say Lambendili. Feanorian calligraphers are known (perhaps inaccurately) as Tengwardili, runemasters as Certatúri.

The languages which principally interest us are those sub-created by J. R. R. Tolkien, including:

Quenya   Khuzdul
Qenya   Adűnaic
Sindarin   Rohirric
Nandorin   Wose-speech
Wood-Elven   Arctic
Telerin   Black Speech
Eldarissa   Common Speech / Westron
Goldogrin   Other Mannish languages

This also involves a degree of interest in Finnish, Welsh, Old English and other `real world' languages. We stress `interest'. While expertise is welcome, in order to become a Quendil all you need is love. We trust that knowledge will follow.

Back issues

Back issues of Quettar have not been routinely available for many years. I am now in the process of resolving this problem, by making collected back issues available on lulu.com, in volumes of about ten issues each. I hope to complete this task over the following year. (That was written ten years ago...sigh.) One commonly requested back issue is the Special 1 on the writing systems of Middle-Earth. This is now available: special1.pdf.

NEWS Apr 2011: Volume IV is now published - see below.

NEWS Feb 2011: Lulu have decreased prices, so the price of all the volumes has been reduced. The saddle-stitch Vol I is no longer available, as it's no longer much cheaper than the coil-bound version.

Volume I, containing issues 1 to 10 (originally published in 1980 to 1981) is now available.

Volume II, containing issues 11 to 20 (originally published in 1981 to 1984) is now available.

Volume III, containing issues 21 to 30 and Specials 1 and 2 (originally published in 1984 to 1988) is now available.

Volume IV, containing issues 31 to 40 (originally published in 1988 to 1990) is now available.

Volume V will follow.

If you have a special need for just one or two back issues, please mail me (user back-issues, domain quettar.org), and I'll see what I can do.


The back issues have been scanned from paper copies, some of which are faint in places. If you find some important piece of text that you can't read, let me know, and I'll try to work it out and put a note here.

Index to back issues

An index to issues 1-48 of Quettar, compiled by Antony Appleyard, is in qindex.txt.

Notification of further availability

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